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The night of October 31st is a very special time for witches and ghosts - it´s Hallowe'en. The word is short for "Hallows' Evening" - the night before "All Hallow's" or "All Saints' Day". On that one night of the year, ghosts and witches are free to be on Earth.
Well, that´s the tradicional story. But these days in Britain, Hallowe'en isn't really a frightening festival - it's fun! There are always a lot of parties. At these parties, people wear masks and costumes. They dress as witches and ghosts, or as Dracula or Frankenstein's monster. And some people make special Hallowe'en lamps from a large fruit - the pumpkin. Then they cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Finally they put a candle inside the hollow pumpkin. In America there's another tradition on October 31st. It's called "Trick or Treat". Young children and teenagers dress in Hallowe'en costumes and visit their friends' and neighbours' houses. At each house they say "Trick or Treat". Then the friend or neighbour gives them some sweets - a "treat"! Well, that's the idea. But not everyone gives sweets. Some people refuse, and then the "Trick-or-Treaters" play a trick on them.
(Trabalho realizado no âmbito da disciplina de Inglês)

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